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Our wonderful San Diego Day Spa has been open in Pacific Beach since 2003. Our specialty is in providing high quality eyelash extensions to discerning clients who expect the best. Danielle Rae created Garnet Day Spa in order to provide the best spa services in Pacific Beach. See our About Us Page to look for your favorite skin-care provider, or check out our service menu which includes airbrush tanning, massage, waxing, skin care and body art in addition to our expert eyelash extensions.

The Best Eyelash Extensions in San Diego

Danielle and her team of spa professionals are experts in providing high quality eyelash extensions using only medical-grade adhesives. We practice the best and safest eyelash extension application techniques on the market. The team is extensively trained in the professional application of eyelash extensions and offers the most exclusive and beautiful products including Siberian Mink and Faux Mink.

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About Our Eyelash Extension Services

Our Faux Mink product is popular because of the remarkable benefits. These lashes look no different from real lashes and no one will be able to tell they are extensions. They are popular with on the go professionals who need to look their best at a moment’s notice. Surgeons on call are one example of a professional who can benefit from the quick and easy look. Faux Mink lash extensions look great and are in demand because they look feathery and natural. Plus these lashes are lighter and so they put less pressure on your lashes. To maintain your look we recommend coming in for a refresh every two to three and a half weeks in order to keep your gorgeous lashes looking luxurious.

These lashes are ready to wear! They’re fine for showering, sweating, and swimming in immediately after having your eyelashes installed. All of our eyelash experts can answer any questions regarding the application and upkeep. The only time your lashes would be in danger is if they were installed by someone with improper training which will never happen at Garnet Day Spa.

Multiple lashes should not be glued together, nor to your skin. Each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash; so if you experienced the incorrect method elsewhere or just don’t like the results and need your lashes removed we also offer a removal service. Try our experienced team of experts, we do it right the first time and keep our clients coming back. When Eyelash Extensions are installed properly, you can maintain a beautiful set....forever.

Cancellation Policy:

Rescheduling or cancellation requires notice by 4pm the day before to avoid a 50% service charge. No shows are billed 100%.

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