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Garnet Day Spa is the number one provider of quality lash extensions in San Diego

Need real experts to trust with your eyes? Want to throw out that mascara?

Whether you’re looking for something natural or a dramatic “Kardashian” style set of lashes, look no further! We have the best medical grade products on the market.

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Eyelash Extensions San Diego

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Appointment Price Updates!

Price Updates effective January 1, 2014

Eyelash Extensions

Our traditional “Refills” and “Late Refills” will be replaced with “Refresh” appointments!

  • Faux Mink Refresh – $80 (standard 2- 3.5 week refresh)
  • Authentic Mink Refresh – $160
  • Faux Mink Late Refresh - $117 (required passed 3.5 weeks, less than 5.5 weeks and for new clients coming in with lashes from another location)
  • Authentic Mink “Late” Refresh - $234
  • Full Sets – Faux Mink – $380 / Full Sets – Authentic Mink – $490

What is a Refresh appointment? Refreshing your lashes much more than just filling them in! When you walk in for your refresh, you should have at least 50% of your extensions left. (If you don’t, this is an indicator that you need some extra time). About half of these lashes could potentially be grown out, no longer standing straight and tall like they once did. We remove these safely from your lashes and replace them with brand new ones! In order to keep your lashes completely full, choose the amount of time that corresponds to your situation. :)

[remember: we don't COUNT lashes... we want everyone FULL!! :) ]

The goal is to look amazing 365 days/year, so make sure you discuss your personalized refresh frequency with your lash expert!

Why do I need extra time if I already have lashes from another location? We want to ensure that you walk out our door with the best quality lashes possible, and this may require removing more than we both expected. If they are not installed properly, we will have to remove them all, which would then be a Full Set.

*Anyone with existing packages of “refills” will be converted to 60 min Refresh appointments… score!

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