We give you real eyelash extensions.

Created by Danielle Rae in 2009, our savvy San Diego Day Spa is conveniently located in East Pacific Beach, easy to access from the highway. 

We are known for our unmatched experience with eyelash extensions, and complimenting services for your one stop shop. Each of our experts have been carefully selected for, quality being our top priority.

With our appealing 8am-8pm availability, we can accommodate many types of schedules. You can even get two services at once-  such as a massage during your lash appointment.

Each staff member is enthusiastic about having a potent knowledge in the services they offer, delivering only the most exceptional results. 

See our About Us Page to learn more about us, or check out our service menu which includes airbrush tanning, massage, waxing, skin care and body art in addition to our expert eyelash extensions.

We offer the best Eyelash Extensions in San Diego

Why? Danielle has spent over 7 years perfecting her installation techniques, so that she can share it with other professionals- in turn, improving the industry. She and her team of experts pride themselves in providing proper installation of lash extensions using only medical-grade adhesives and trusted materials. If you value quality, you've come to the right place.


Schedule 50% Off Full Set of Lashes


We have decided to discontinue Authentic Siberian Mink. We would rather not risk hurting animals, and can achieve the same natural look for you with Faux Mink Lashes for half the price.

Our Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions are just as soft as the real thing. If you desire a "thicker" lash at your appointment, softness will be only slightly sacrificed, because these extensions are thicker than hair actually is. 

Because of our (hard-to-find) precision in applying eyelash extensions, we can make your lashes look "natural" no matter how dramatic you want to go, causing no harm to your natural lashes.

Ditch that extra 10 minutes per day applying mascara, and wake up looking flirty & fresh.

With your maintenance visits every 2-3.5 weeks, you will have youthful and attractive eyes, 24-7, 365 days/year.

Some examples of our clients who hugely benefit from our services: bartenders, nurses, doctors, lawyers & sales reps.

With our eyelash extension application, you do not have to wait to take a shower or a hot yoga class.


How to know if you've had you lashes done wrong

- Your eyes sting.

- You cannot brush through your lashes because they are stuck together.

- They are itchy and poking you

- You can see clumps and/or clusters.



Cancellation Policy:

Rescheduling or cancellation requires notice by 4pm the day before to avoid a 50% service charge. No shows are billed 100%.